Precision at Home: Turn Your Virtual Happy Hour into an Event to Remember

We at Precision are so happy to see people finding new ways to connect while staying at home. Now that virtual happy hours have become the “new normal”, use these tips from Precision to give your next happy hour an upgrade by turning it into a memorable event.

Let’s get started.

1. Invitations are Exciting

Get your guests in the spirit from the beginning. For your next virtual gathering, send out a fun invitation! It’s easy to add to your calendar invite, email, or text. Here are websites with great templates:

Check out these invitation examples for virtual events that Precision has hosted recently.


2. Ain’t No Party Like a Virtual Themed Party

Any event can have a theme, even a virtual one! Pick a theme to excite your guests whether it’s for a birthday, celebratory moment, or just for fun. Include the theme in your invitation. Encourage guests to use items at home in unique ways to support your theme. Theme ideas could be as fancy as “The Roaring 20s” or as casual as “Spirit Day” by wearing your favorite team’s colors.

3. Keep the Fun Going

Engage your guests with activities! Below you’ll find a variety of different suggestions you can mix-and-match. Bonus points when your activity relates back to the theme of your party!

  1. Learn Something New, Share Something New
    Pick a topic that matches your theme. Have each person take their turn sharing their expertise.
    Here are some ideas:
    1. Roaring 20s – have guests make their favorite cocktail from that decade and share the recipe.
    2. Virtual Wine Tasting – if available, have guests order from a local winery. Or each pick a favorite bottle from home and share tasting notes and best food pairings.
  2. Get Competitive
     Bring your favorite games digital. And remember, don’t let the cheaters win!
    1. Download an app to play different board and card games.
    2. Play traditional trivia or create your own version about your guests. Test how well you really know each other!
    3. Host your event on the app Houseparty which has games like Heads Up, Trivia, Quick Draw and more.
  3. Host a book club, Netflix party, or cookbook club
    Get everyone involved.
    1. Read the same book, different books by the same author, or different books all together. Share what you enjoyed and/or disliked.
    2. Watch tv shows or movies and host your own Emmys or Oscars.
    3. Pick a recipe for everyone to make, taste, and share during your virtual event. You’ll be surprised how many different versions can be made from the same recipe!

Use these tips to make memorable moments. Share your virtual event with Precision!