Precision Partners: Coffee Chat with Sara Franklin – From Catering to Special Events Owner

Precision has continued to stay closely connected with our partners and other small businesses in the event industry during this time. We use these unique and individual relationships as a resource so that we can learn from each other and grow together in order to come out of this stronger than before.

One of these special relationships that Precision is lucky to have is with the wonderful Sara Franklin, owner of Social Scene Events. Precision’s history with Sara goes way back, we won’t tell you how many years… and we have admired her creativity and passion ever since.

Because of Sara’s energy and zest for the event world- Precision finds it pertinent to remind people of those who still have a light in this dark time.

We sat down with her to learn about Social Scene Events Story…and here it is:
Sara’s start in the hospitality industry goes back to her attending the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) and graduating with a degree in Restaurant & Hospitality Management. Not too long after beginning her career, she moved to the Washington, DC area and began working at Design Cuisine (where she met Precision!). After many years of working long hours and multiple events in a week, she decided it was time to transition and allow more flexibility in her schedule, especially with two young daughters at home. That’s when Social Scene Events was born.

Fun Fact: Social Scene Events got its name from a pile of paint chips, some wine and a group of friends.

Sara knew she wanted her company to be have a name that represented what her company does but wasn’t specific to just weddings. One evening over a glass of wine with friends, they were looking at paint chips and came across the color “sociable”. Not only was it a beautiful color, but it sparked the name of her business and the rest is history.

From starting Social Scene Events to now, how has Sara evolved her business over time?

Sara started out mostly doing weddings for clients. Now her business has branched out to other celebrations including bar/bat mitzvahs, graduations, birthday parties, anniversary parties, and more. She enjoys planning Bar and Bat Mitzvahs as working with kids brings a different fun element and creative challenge to bring their ideas alive.

How has Social Scene Events been affected by lockdown orders due to Covid-19?

Despite all the event cancellations, Sara is still keeping busy working with her clients to postpone celebrations. As she puts it, “there are still big life events to celebrate,” which is what she loves about working on social events. It breaks her heart working with clients whose weddings are getting moved because there is so much joy during these times and doesn’t want them to miss out on the festivities.

From our conversation with Sara, we agree that exciting things are still on the horizon for events. As event professionals we work to help celebrations come to life, as there are still many things to be celebrating. Thank you, Sara for continuing to be an inspiration and role model to those in the event industry!