Precision at Home: The Quaranqueens

It’s been over a month since Precision has been working from home and a lot has changed within that time -including our hair color (NO, not all of us are natural blondes). We want to bring you up to date what some of our “queens” have been up to from home.

Staying Grounded

In the past year, Peggy spent more time on an airplane or at a hotel, than at home. Her poor apartment was constantly left to wonder where their owner Peggy went… Was it something they said? Perhaps it was something they did? Well, Apartment 301, it wasn’t you, it was her. Precision’s clients constantly kept her jet-setting around the world. She is now spending more quality time than ever, with her dear apartment, but still manages daily walks along the GW Parkway to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. There she reminisces on her glory days when there were no stay at home orders, and she was free to leave needy Apartment 301 whenever she pleased.


Grease is the Word

Betty has been channeling her inner 1950’s pink lady that we never knew she had in her. Her social nature has inspired her to get creative, beyond virtual happy hours. Betty has hosted a few neighborhood bonfires that we hope aren’t as rowdy as Rydell High’s pep rally (6 feet away, Danny Zuko). She has also participated in a car-hop dinner, where her friends grab take-out and eat in their parked cars. Only thing missing is a black and white movie projector to turn it into a Drive-In. Oh, and an impromptu singing number with choreographed song and dance. Next time, Betty.

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Gone to Carolina

Cate decided to say goodbye to the city life and packed up and headed down south to Charleston, South Carolina for the time being. Her parents were excited to have her back home- until they quickly remembered how “special” her cooking skills were. She thought they would appreciate her banana bread that was made with love, a few ingredient substitutions, and 30 minutes of over baked crunchiness?? She is now banned from the kitchen and forced to only eat her mom’s gourmet meals. Aww…


Flip or Flop: Moving Addition

Since the pandemic isn’t stressful enough, Claire decided to turn it up a notch and MOVE. Although she had been planning to move out of her apartment in April, the stay at home order pushed up her moving date and gave her 8 hours to pack up and leave. This seems like it could be an HGTV tv show, right? Wait- but where are the handsome brothers who do it for you? Needless to say, the move was a success. Whatever kills you makes you stronger!


Mom Goals

Loretta finally has all her birds in one nest, since her kids are back home from school. Some people complain about working from home while having to also deal with kids, but Loretta is getting the most out of it.

Let’s break it down:

Daughter’s online music class = free live entertainment

Son’s yard work =free landscaping

Neighbors dropping off baked goods for the kids = free food

Need we say more? Life isn’t looking too bad for Loretta, who has a unique skill in turning lemons into lemonade.


As you can see, Team Precision is keeping busy. Life is different, but we are staying positive. Share with us your home experience and what you have been doing to keep busy at home.