Precision Partners: Coffee Chat with Lucy Black Entertainment

Within the past couple of weeks, Precision has been inspired by learning how small businesses in the event industry have been stepping up and using this time to stand out and grow – particularly women owned small businesses. Being a woman owned business ourselves, we feel that connecting with others like us will help us all come out of this stronger together and understand that we aren’t alone.

We want to have the opportunity to also inspire others, by highlighting and sharing our partners’ stories.

We sat down (virtually) with Rebecca Steele and Lauren Brettell, the owners of Lucy Black EntertainmentIt was great to see their smiles since we’ve missed seeing them onsite. We caught up on how they’ve been recently and learn what continues to keep them motivated.

Over the past year, Precision has partnered with Lucy Black Entertainment, a music entertainment company that hand selects ensembles for events. From music to dance to immersive experiences, they craft a high level artistic product that fits with their consumers’ expectations.

Our relationship started through a mutual friend in the industry, who emphasized how unique and different their product was- and we have been thankful for them ever since. From traveling with us to California, to a 20’s theme band that fit our “speakeasy” theme, their creativity has enhanced every event we have collaborated on.

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So…Who is Lucy Black?

This may be a surprise- but Lucy Black is not named after a person. Rebecca and Lauren are the real ladies behind the name, and although they may look like sisters- we could define them as soul sistersThey met in college, where they both played the Viola in the same studio.

For those who don’t know what a Viola is- Lauren politely compared it to a “pregnant violin”.

Their love for music escalated and as chance had it, they fell into managing musicians by accident.  Organizing music for various events came naturally to them from their expanded network of fellow musicians and friends in the wedding and event planning world. What started as a side hustle turned into their business, where their unique insight knowing what it’s like to be a performer brings a deeper level of expertise to managing entertainment.

Lucy Black Entertainment

According to Rebecca, since live events are currently on hold, their creativity and passion pushed them to think of

“Different, creative ways we can still bring joy to people’s lives even if they are at home alone and don’t get to be with people to celebrate this moment.”

They are currently providing opportunities for their musicians that bring entertainment into people’s homes. This includes virtual entertainment classes for kids, that is an interactive way to keep them busy and engaged when not in school. They are also adding a personalized touch to at home birthdays, anniversaries or any special moments – using Zoom and other digital platforms.

 “We want to bring a little more connection, in a time when we all feel so isolated”.

When talking with Rebecca and Lauren, in between giggles and banter, they made sure to emphasize the importance of being a Women Owned Business. The name “Lucy Black” is deeper than the name Lucy -after Rebecca’s beloved black lab. The sweetness of ‘Lucy’ and the strength of the color black perfectly represent their desire to break the stigma of “if you are nice you aren’t respected, but if you are respected you aren’t nice.”

Lucy Black Entertainment sets a perfect example on how our industry is growing and adjusting. Their passion and determination encourages those similar to us that we will become stronger together.